Swastava Cancer Care

Our Work

In our years of existence since 2017, Swastava has conducted awareness and screening camps across the state of Telangana and has so far already benefited more than 45,000 people. This has been made possible through strategic partnerships and financial support from individual and corporate donors

No. of Women Screened
No. of women helped through medication & procedures
No. of girls received HPV vaccination
No. of girls received orientation on menstrual hygiene and sanitary pads
No. of youth empowered


Cancer Awareness

Swastava works with many like-minded NGOs, CBOs and the Government to conduct awareness camps in communities, schools, colleges and other relevant institutions, speaking to children, youth (through a flagship programme called “reach them young”) and women about the causes of cancer and prevention methods. The focus of such awareness camps is to educate children and youth, especially girls and young women, about the risk of breast and cervical cancer. The camps also spread awareness  about oral cancer and the risks associated with using tobacco and related products.


Swastava cancer care also organizes awareness rallies and other such campaigning events to bring about general awareness of the causes as well as to expand the base of our supporters. We organize cancer-runs on important days as well as create information-sharing programmes symposiums to address the issue.

Our current campaign of #notobaccoshools and #notobaccocommunities is aimed to ensure that communities become aware of the perils of tobacco consumption and take a solemn oath to stop consuming the same. We have partnered with corporate CSR funders as well as the Education Department of Telangana State to spread the message of #notobacco in scools and communities.

Cancer Screening

To complement the awareness efforts, Swastava conducts screening camps with women across urban communities, villages and institutions in partnership with hospitals, Government departments and supporters to ensure early detection of oral, breast and cervical cancers. Any cases where further investigation is needed are referred to partner hospitals for advanced testing as required. This ensures that women are aware of their health as well as understand the process of diagnostics and cure in case they ever have to face cancer.